Shawn is FANTASTIC. Extremely knowledgeable, friendly, fairly priced and quite talented. We wish there were more people like him in his profession. There seems to be nothing that E Z Pest Solutions can't handle.

Starr L.

Glendale, CA

Great work for a very challenging rodent problem. This company is professional and personable. They found the source of our problem immediately and were quick to address it. If you want a company that genuinely cares about their customers and will do a great job to thoroughly address your pest control issues, this is the company to call.

Betty L.

Austin, TX

We had a huge flea problem, but Shawn assured me EZ Pest Solutions could help. Russell came in and did a wonderful job assuring me that we could be rid of these nasty blood-suckers. He was such a pleasant guy and was in and out in no time. I would definitely recommend Shawn and Russell to take care of any of your pest problems!

Christine Young

Mr. Russell is friendly and professional. He's quite comfortable to speak with and the company is military friendly. I would recommend their services to anyone needing pest control services. Give them a call today! Thanks again Mr. Russell!

Donna Jane

Shawn and Russell are doing an amazing job with a very difficult situation at my house. They are ethical, competent and funny. A pleasure to work with. Call them. They do a great job and are fantastic.

Catherine Tabor

Awesome customer service and will get the job done right!

Ashley Murphy

Customer service is extremely detailed

Todd McAlister

Plot spoiler: This review has a very happy ending and I'm so happy with the services that it's going to sound like a fake review or a sitcom! I live on one of those streets in Central Austin where the new mini-mansions are going in, and being a single woman in one of those homes (not the mini-mansions but they have driven up neighboring values to unsustainable levels) has made me very vulnerable to every contractor and rip-off-artist and believe me, in four years of constant renovations I have seen them all.

I recently had a rat infestation in my attic that immediately followed a roofing job. My friend in Hyde Park recommended "the guys" at EZ Pest Solutions and not only did I get fast and excellent services and pricing, I ended up gaining a few new brothers too! EZ Pest is a family business, and the brothers are enthusiastic and absolutely love what they do and clearly love working for themselves. Seriously - you can call these guys in the evening and say, "oh crap, I just heard one of the traps triggered in the attic" and they will come right over and remove the dead varmint for you. They are also the kind of guys that are capable of doing a lot of other things and because you will instantly trust them, you tend to ask, "hey, do you know of any good carpenters / masons / plumbers / electricians, et al" because you naturally wish that you could find those types of services from such a friendly group of guys. They are fun, and funny, and I just can't say enough good things about them.

If you have any questions, just write to me privately and I'll happily vouch for these guys.

Julie M.

Austin, TX