Prevent the Problem – Before it Happens

Commercial Pre-Treatment Pest Control Services in Round Rock, TX

Dealing with the hassle of termites and other pests that may have inhabited the interior of your building over time can be costly and stressful. EZ Pest Control provides commercial pre-treating services to help prevent the potential risk of a termite infestation down the line.

EZ Pest Control seeks to prevent all potential threats to the infrastructure of your building through professional and experienced commercial pre-treating services. Through our pre-treatment plan, EZ Pest Control saves time and money for all customers who eliminate the threat of various pest infestations and post construction treatments that may not even attack the entire problem.

EZ Pest Control uses a chemical to spray below the concrete foundation for the building, before it’s built. Pre-treating services prevent the threat of a termite infestation to ensure that the infrastructure is not only built without disruption – but that the bones of your building last for the long term.

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